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Spare parts from Bosch impress through their quality, reliability and innovative technology. Products only go into series production when they have satisfied our exacting requirements.

Bosch Glow Plug: For selectively supplying heat energy for an optimal ignition of injected fuel

The glow plug is part of the glow system for diesel engines and is controlled by the glow control unit. In addition to ceramic glow plugs, Bosch offers glow plugs with metal heating elements. Both convert the supplied electrical energy into heat energy. Ceramic glow plugs offer maximum starting comfort and improve the cold start performance of the diesel engine. The glow plugs ensure optimal post, intermediate and regeneration heating for maximum efficiency. Bosch has Duraterm, Duraterm High Speed and DuraSpeed glow plug types.

In-line Diesel Injection Pump

Ensure higher cylinder outputs while using less fuel and reducing emissions: The Bosch in-line diesel injection pump is used in commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery and stationary engines.


Pump Element

Bosch pump elements consist of a pump piston and cylinder and are made with incredibly high-quality production methods and material.

Pressure Valve

For assured peace of mind, Bosch pressure valves are made with very high precision, using premium materials, both of which are essential requirements for one of the most strained components of an injection system. Valve pistons and pieces perfectly fit into one another for low friction losses. Made of high tenacity materials with additional tempering or hard chromium plating for increased service life and consumption benefits.

Nozzle-and-Holder Assembly

Ensure top performance with precise fuel injection into the combustion chamber. Select a Bosch nozzle-and-holder assembly to match delivery rate, spray form and injection pressure requirements. Proven, robust technology and design with a wide selection of assemblies for use with all conventional systems and can be adapted to different engine sizes.

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Distributor-Type Injection Pump

For a high-performing, versatile injection system, Bosch’s distributor-type injection pump’s compact design enables diverse applications in cars, commercial vehicles, stationary engines and heavy plant machinery. Electronically controlled injection with an electric supply pump provides accurate fuel dosing through variable injection pressures and injection timing.

Bosch eXchange Common Rail Injector

Ensure quiet, highly efficient combustion in any driving situation. The common rail injectors from the Bosch eXchange program undergo a stringent release process. Thanks to their good price-performance ratio, they provide a high-quality alternative for value-based vehicle repairs on passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


Common Rail Injector

The Bosch Common Rail Injector injects the precise amount of fuel into the combustion chamber at the right time and in the right quantity. This can be actuated with a solenoid on the injector, and the duration and timing are controlled by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).


Common Rail Pump

The Bosch common rail pump compresses fuel up to 2700 bar and provides the exact amount required. Expertly engineered for smooth operation, high engine performance, low fuel consumption and constant optimum rail pressure, even at low speeds. This ensures a constant supply of fuel at precisely the required injection level.


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Unit Injector System

The Bosch unit injector system is a nozzle holder assembly with an integrated high-pressure pump, providing high injection pressures for optimal air/fuel mixture. The main peculiarity of unit injector systems is their design with an individual pump for each cylinder. For this purpose, both the pump and the injection nozzle are combined into a single unit installed right into the cylinder head. Bosch Unit Injector system is expertly engineered for high and optimized engine performance and low fuel consumption.

Unit Pump System

The Bosch unit pump system is a high-pressure pump with a separate nozzle holder assembly, providing high injection pressures for optimal air/fuel mixture. The main peculiarity of unit pump systems is their design. Like unit injector systems, they use an individual pump for each cylinder. Unlike UIS, however, the pump and injection nozzle are not combined into a single unit. They represent two separate devices instead. A short line connects them with one another. The pump piston is fitted in the pump cylinder with such precision that high injection pressure is guaranteed, even at low speeds. A 2/2-way valve provides the full range of functions. The valve closes against the high-pressure circuit with the fuel feed or outlet. The injection start and duration determined by the camshaft profile can be adapted as required. As a result, the injection pressures and delivery rates required for efficient combustion are available, even at low speeds. The nozzle holder assembly is selected to match the delivery rate, spray form and injection pressure.

Dosing Module: Responsible for supplying AdBlue

The dosing module is a component in the Bosch system that helps to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in the exhaust system. Its job is to spray the urea-water solution into the exhaust system. The Bosch system helps our customers comply with current and future emission requirements.


Supply Module: Supplies the exhaust system with the optimal amount of AdBlue

The supply module is responsible for delivering the aqueous urea solution of 32.5%(AdBlue), which is used to reduce nitrogen oxides in the exhaust system. The SCR system helps vehicle manufacturers comply with current and future emission requirements.


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